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    Ano Pedina (Over Soudena) is one of the oldest Zagorohoria hotels. It is located 35 kilometers north of Ioannina City and at an altitude of 900 meters. The name probably Soudena is Slavic and means "cool place", possibly because the cold airstreams coming from the five hills' slope to the village Ano Pedina that is allocated among the hills.

    The first historical reference to the village is the Chrysovolo (order) in the year of 1362 of the Byzantine Emperor Andronikos III Palaiologos. The upper village area called Machalas has its center in the church of Virgin Mary. Around 1670 was created Under Machalaswho is centered in the area of church Metamorphosis. During the late Ottoman Empire the village has the best period as all Zagorohoria villages, because of the autonomy and the famous travel baths of Zagori. The Soudeniotes inhibitants traveled mainly in Wlachia, Istanbul, Minor Asia and Egypt.

    Moreover Soudena had developed a high spiritual growth, which shows the dozens of floors at the perimeter of the settlement.

    In 1870 the Top Soudena had about 850 inhabitants.

    Also up Soudena had remarkable spiritual development. From the village of Ano Pedina is coming the teacher of the nation Neofytos Duke (1760-1845), the historian John Lambridis (1836-1891) and other important personallities of science and letters.

    In 1928 the village was renamed "Upper Kambos" and 1929 "Upper Pedina". Today is one of the few villages in zagorochoria that is still alive keeping its traditional environment and spirit. The permanent residents' subject of work is mainly farming and tourism.

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