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Domestic Bridge Tournament in Zagoria

Published on 2014-08-31

AMI organizes Domestic Tournament Bridge in Zagoria and Open Pairs 1-6TSEPELOVO, 27 to 29 NovemberFriday 27/11: 21.00 Saturday 28/11: 19.00 Sunday 29/11: 11.00 Race Directors: Nicolas Papachatzis George MestheneasPARTICIPATION FEES: 35 €, young conscripts and 17,5 €The matches will be held in the rooms of Hotel Arches, til.2653 081 008General information: Basil Donos 6945 597451 Entries: Takis


Vitsa Ioannina
Vitsa is a traditional village in the centre of Zagori, close to Ioannina just 39 Klm.The houses and the churches , which are built according to the traditional architecture of the area are connected by uphill cobbled paths.
Kipi or Kipoi Ioannina
Village Kipi or Mbagia in Zagori / Zagorochoria is abstains just 38 km from Ioannina city."Mpagia" is a Slavic word and means "bath". The village was called like that due to the impressive nature and the natural "pools" featured by the rivers around it.Mpagia or Kipi is the only village that is built amphitheatrically in a slope.So the travaller can admire all the region just with a glance.
Monodendri is one of the most beautiful villages of Zagori, built 1060 metres above the sea level, 39 km from Ioannina.It was named after a very big fir-tree which was situated there until 1840.Until 1753 it was a settlement which consisted of three quarters (Vitsa, Ano Mahalas, Agios Georgios).Nowadays, Monodendri is an attraction pole for all the visitors from Greece or abroad the whole year round.
Papigo is one of the 46 villages of the residential, cultural and historical unity of Zagoria.The particular layout, lush vegetation of the region and the unique wilderness of the landscape attract many visitors from Greece and abroad, all year round. Divided into two "neighborhoods", the Big and Small, which is built at the foot of Astraka beneath imposing towers and fabulous Drakolimni, Papigo has
Dikorfo Ioannina
Dikorfo or Dikorifo (older name: Tzontila) is one of the most picturesque villages of central Zagori in the prefecture of Ioannina. It is built on the north side of Mount Mitsikeli in a lush forest of beech, fir, oak and hazel.The mansions and murals, stone paths, traditional fountains with tap water, combined with the wild vegetation, is a typical example of Zagori village, well worth the visit of
Aspraggeloi is a totally green village and belongs to Zagorochoria.It is located 25 klm far from the city of Ioannina and offers hotels and guesthouses for all preferences.
Ano Pedina
Ano Pedina (Over Soudena) is one of the oldest Zagorohoria hotels. It is located 35 kilometers north of Ioannina City and at an altitude of 900 meters. The name probably Soudena is Slavic and means "cool place", possibly because the cold airstreams coming from the five hills' slope to the village Ano Pedina that is allocated among the hills.The first historical reference to the village is the Chrysovolo
Kapesovo is a village in Zagoria, belongs to the Municipality Timfi. It is 43 kilometers from Ioannina.The village is a short distance from the Vikos Gorge, where some parts of the village, the view is panoramic. Noteworthy is the stone path that connects Kapesovo with neighboring Vradeto (ladder Vradetos).
Tsepelovo Ioannina
Tsepelovo is the biggest of Zagorochoria villages. It is located 36 klm from Ioannina city.It is build on an altitude 1140 meters.Tsepelovo is a traditional village, known since the 16th century.In 1868 it was the capital of the Turkish authorities Zagoriou. The village is immersed in the mountain surrounded by forest.

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    Museums and exhibition halls

    Almost every village in Zagoria and will find a museum, exhibition space or library with a particular cultural and historical value. Dominating spaces with exhibits related to the tradition of the region.

    Among those worth visiting are:

    • The Paschaleio School
    • The Rizareios Handicraft School
    • The Sarakatsaniki Sheepfold
    • The Botanical Museum Kostas Lazaridis
    • The Information Center of the National Park of Vikos - Aoou
    • The Information Center WWF
    • The Folklore Museum Agapio Toli
    • The Museum of Traditional Crafts Michael Economides
    • The Rizarios Exhibition Center
    • And many other ...

    The Paschaleio School

    The Paschaleio School Kapesovo village was founded by a bequest of Paschalis brothers in 1861 to accommodate the village school. Today, among other rare documents out there, and kept one of the few copies of the Charter of the Rigas.

    The Rizareios Handicraft School

    The Rizareios Handicraft School in Monodéndrion Rizarios founded the Church and School is a school of traditional arts (carpet, weaving and embroidery), attended by young students of the region. The school has a production workshop where working graduates of the school, and where showroom displayed for sale their creations. These activities of the school, not only the traditional arts are passed on to the younger generations, but also provided incentives and opportunities for vocational rehabilitation for young people who might abandon their homes to find work in a city.

    The Sarakatsaniki Sheepfold

    The Sarakatsaniki Sheepfold is a creation of the Brotherhood Sarakatsanaioi Epirus (ASIS) and works in the village Skamneli.

    This is an exhibition space that recreates with great fidelity the house, furniture, tools and other items from the life of Sarakatsanaioi.

    The Botanical Museum Kostas Lazaridis

    The Botanical Museum Kostas Lazaridis Cocoon works in the village occupies the house of the designer Kostas Lazaridis, who work with personal samples collected from the rich flora of the gorges of the region. Here one can see the medicinal plants of the canyon that the locals traditional doctors, "Vikogiatroi" used for their healing properties.

    The Information Center of the National Park of Vikos - Aoou

    The Information Center of the National Park of Vikos - Aoou Mesovouni works in the village, where it is housed in the old stone school, in order to provide information for the National Park of Vikos - Aoou and the region of northern Pindos. At the site of an exhibition of environmental factors, human activities, economy, architecture, arts, history and tradition. The center was created with funding from the European Union within an Operational Programme Environment.

    The Information Center WWF

    The Information Center WWF works in Small Papigo housed in small traditional building of the old primary school, close to the village square. Established in May 2001 by WWF Greece in cooperation with the Community Papigo.

    A visit to it is very helpful and will give you the opportunity to learn about wildlife and endangered species in the region Timfi, but also for the environment of the region, its history and its traditions. Also, there is a scientific presentation of geology, geography, climate, ecosystems, flora and fauna, and traditional human activities that some residents continue to perform.

    The telephone communication with Regional Information Center for WWF is 26530-41071.

    The Folklore Museum Agapio Toli

    The Folklore Museum operates Agapio Toli village Gardens occupies three mansions.

    The museum has about 40,000 exhibits from everyday life in Zagoria, which are collected by personal work Agapios Tolis.

    The Museum of Traditional Crafts Michael Economides

    The Museum of Traditional Crafts Michael Economides Elafotopos works in the village and is housed in an old elementary school.

    The Rizarios Exhibition Center

    The Rizarios Exhibition Centre in Monodéndrion housed in the mansion Pantazis and hosts exhibitions and events with topics related to the Balkans.