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    Spiliotissa Monastery
    Descending from the road of Aristi to Papingo or Papigko or Papigo and 500 m before the stoned bridge starts Voidomatis river and a path left of the gorge leads you in the monastery of Spiliotissa.
    Cultural Theatre Monodéndrion Ioannina
    Cultural Theatre Monodéndrion IoanninaThe Cultural Theatre in Monodéndrion Ioannina is an institution now for all central Zagori. A place where the events take Zagoria life and revive the treasure of the younger generation of Greeks, the Greek Culture !!It was built recently and the view of predisposes to attend events but very ancient tragedies with the modern view of younger directors.
    Monastery of Agia Paraskevi
    The monastery of Agia Paraskevi is located in Monodendri Village. Literally on the edge!From the village Monodendri central square and passing from the central square all straight away (have to park before arriving), you will be leaded to a stone alley constantly continuing straight to the heart of the Vikos Gorge, where lies the stone church of Agia Paraskevi.Arriving there you will feel awe in the
    The bridge of Kalogairiko
    The bridge Plakida Kalogairiko or on the way to the Gardens, a village of central Zagori.Perhaps the most beautiful stone bridges in Greece!The first image will overwhelm you, and we will make you stop your car and reach it on foot to get photos.
    Drakolimni Papigo
    To visit Drakolimni or Dragons lake you should follow the path to the shelter Astraka. The start of the route starts from the Small Papigkon which is placed at an altitude of 990 meters.Through a well developed trail will pass by the fountain Avragonia, Antalki tap, tap and tap Trafo cock.The journey takes about 3 hours and the most abundant water and shorter and relaxing way to get Ombudsman retreat
    Vikos Gorge
    If you ask any Greek to name five beautiful gorges of Greece and the first response will be "The Vikos."* This quick name recognition may be because the bear and wild boar protected in the Vikos Aoos National Park wander out occasionally to feast on farm animals and get on the nightly TV News. The Vikos Gorge also borders popular Greek ski areas and area hotels are full during snow season.But for hikers,
    Traditional Bridges in Zagoria
    Zagori, dotted with villages and dozens of large and small rivers that divide them, literally identified with its stone bridges that they built notorious masters and are now ornaments landscape. Each of them with its own personality and history, matched in position and offered his services for hundreds of years before the needs of residents change. Old stone bridges were full of walkers, riders, hawkers,
    Churches and Monasteries
    The monasteries and churches in Zagori follow their own architecture and is built with materials of the site, ie stone and wood. These buildings take us back in time, since chronologically older than the common houses or mansions found in villages. A characteristic trait of the temples is the large outdoor shed with arches, which was a sort of vestibule protect believers from the winter weather. In
    Museums and exhibition halls
    Almost every village in Zagoria and will find a museum, exhibition space or library with a particular cultural and historical value. Dominating spaces with exhibits related to the tradition of the region. Among those worth visiting are: The Paschaleio School The Rizareios Handicraft School The Sarakatsaniki Sheepfold The Botanical Museum Kostas Lazaridis The Information Center of
    Archaeological Museum of Ioannina
    Located in the central square of Ioannina park Litharitsia.The collections of the Archaeological Museum of Ioannina developed in seven classrooms, main hall and three terraces, a total area of ​​1,200 sq.m.The exhibits cover a long period, the first appearance of man on the Continent, during the Lower Paleolithic era before than 250,000 years, until the twilight of late antiquity in the late Roman
    Byzantine Museum of Ioannina
    The main museum building was constructed in the 1960 as the Royal Pavilion at the internal citadel of the Castle of Ioannina.Located in the citadel Kale.The museum was opened in 1995. The silver collection is housed in a building of 19th century citadel.Findings from the Byzantine and post-Byzantine period especially, sculptures, coins, and relics, images, and other objects from the 16th to the 19th
    Municipal Art Gallery of Ioannina
    Located at Pyrsinella in the city of Ioannina. You will have the opportunity to watch all the way Modern Greek painting. Starts from academicism painters of the Munich School, Impressionism, anthropocentrism and results in the current generation. You will also see engravings and wonderful sculptures. Pyrsinella housed in the mansionAddress: Korai 1 Ioannina, tel: 26510-75131
    Municipal Museum of Ioannina
    Located in the mosque of Aslan Pasha. Before you enter the museum you will see on the left the Turkish barracks, a small old building was used as a library and baths. The museum contains exhibits of Greek, Jewish community and the Turkish.In the museum exhibited candlesticks, picture frames, ceramic vases and plates that adorned interiors, jewelry, weapons, traditional costumes, textiles and wood carvings
    Watermill Exhibition Centre in Bourazani
    Located in Konitsa is an exhibition of photographs of archaeological sites and historic monuments in the region.Address: Konitsa, Tel: 26553-60300 (Municipality Konitsa)
    Museum Wax Paul Vrellis
    Twelve kilometers before entering in Ioannina on the highway from Athens neighborhood Bizani, is an unforgettable tour in history. The waxwork of Paul Vrellis are there to represent sublime moments from Greek history and recall some of the styles carved in place. To recognize faces Greek historians struggles experienced great glories and prices. It is so vivid that cause us to touch convinced that
    Lake Pamvotida
    The lake Pamvotida from natural springs and streams. Its surface area is 23 sq. Miles, the depth reaches up to 13 meters and has a circumference of 33 km. It is one of the most important ecosystem, as it includes a huge variety of the fish and the birds, like many amphibians. It's a great source of life for the town and its fishing farm, he is contributing greatly to the economic development of the
    The islet
    When visiting Ioannina is necessary to take a stroll to the magnificent Island, since you will be stunned by the magnificent landscapes and pure oxygen offered by Greece The Island is a picturesque village consisting of about one hundred families. With round the island, you will see the simple houses with lush gardens, narrow cobbled streets and shops with various exhibits of Ioannina traditional folklore.
    Castle of Ioannina
    A unique experience you will live in the castle of Ioannina was built in 528 BC, within the project of Emperor Justinian for fortification of the Byzantine Empire. is the most ancient Byzantine castle, which at the time of Ali Pasha was the largest administrative center of the whole of Greece. Inside the Castle Greek letters were developed, there lived Ali Pasha with his great love, the lady-Royal,
    The Serai Soufari
    It is a magnificent two-storey building which housed the School of Cavalry of Ali Pasha. The upper floor is based on a system of galleries and has 50 windows.
    Τhe galleys
    It is a building with typical chimneys into the citadel of Kale. Today there is housed a picturesque coffee, which is worth a stop!
    Kale Castle
    Contains Fetihe Mosque, the Byzantine Museum and the Tomb of Ali as the exhibition hall Goldsmith. The Fetihe Mosque from 2012 can not be visited. The name means Mosque of Conquest and was built in 1430 on the ruins of a Byzantine church. Originally wooden, but then in 1611 it was rebuilt stone. The final form taken by Ali Pasha in 1795.5.
    Aslan Pasha Mosque
    The mosque houses the Municipal Museum triple. The Municipal Museum is housed in Aslan Mosque, located on the Acropolis of Ioannina in the Castle, which was built in 1618 by Aslan Pasha. The Museum houses woodwork, costumes, silverware, textiles and others, while the exhibit stands out is the sword of Damascus Georgios Karaiskakis. Also in the grounds of the museum are preserved tombs of prominent
    Tower Voimoundos
    It was built under the Byzantine fortifications in the center of the citadel of Kale the campaign period of the Norman Bohemund in Ioannina in 1082. The ruins built by Ali Pasha grand conservatory, which burned down in 1822.
    The Museum Foti Rapakousis
    Located opposite the mosque of Aslan Pasha. It is a museum of weapons, setting out swords, swords, knives and other types of weapons from the prerevolutionary period until the Balkan wars. It also presents various other items such as utensils, coins, jewelry etc.
    Gallery EHM
    Housed Street Paraskevopoulos 4 in the Continental Building Company Studies. The gallery was founded in 1955 and its aim was to collect and utilize the wealth of the continent, historical and traditional. Here we will see and admire works by contemporary Greek artists, with a significant contribution to the cultural development of the country.
    Folklore Museum EHM
    Housed in a three-story building at 42 Michelangelo in the city of Ioannina. Contains rare examples mainland folk art, such as jewelry, clothes, tools and other items of daily use.
    Ancient Theatre Dodona
    One of the most important archaelogical areas of the prefecture is Dodoni, 22 km from Ioannina, south. The area is thought to be the cradle of the greek-spaiking tribes. The theatre (with a capacity of 17.000 seats), the ancient Parliament (Voulephtirio), the Prythaneio, the Stadium, surround the ancient Shrine, considered as one of the most ancient oracles in the broader area of Greece. Its origin
    Ski Anilio - Metsovo
    The operation of the ski Anilio Metsovo began in December 2012, is the newest ski resort in the country The idyllic landscape with a breathtaking view facing each visitor was a critical factor for many visitors from the first moment. The quick access from the Egnatia Motorway, just 50 km from Ioannina, 80 from Trikala and 215 from Thessaloniki, snow lovers will have the opportunity to enjoy at an altitude
    Watermill Gina
    Guina is situated by the bank of Arachthos river near the monastery of Virgin Mary.It was renovated by the Municipality in 1997 and it is connected with the monastery but also with the city of Metsovo with a picturesque paved alley. Not only in Metsovo but in the wider area of Ioannina prefecture, you will meet a lot of of watermills and wells which were used by people in old times in order to water
    Μonastery of Ζoodohos Pigi in Metsovo
    The Monastery of Zoodohos Pigi is situated on the way to the village Anthohori on the foot of Mount Peristeri, only 10 km from Metsovo. Because of its location in the place Kokkino Lithari, it is also known as Kiatra Rosia. It appears to have been founded in the 17th century and renovated in 1732 by Stergios Ntafos. In the old times it was a post for the caravans that began from Epirus and headed
    Holy Abbey of the Assumption of the Virgin in Metsovo
    The Holy Monastery of the Assumption of the Virgin is a unique monastery situated in the city of Metsovo, built in 1754. It includes two-storied cells, hospices, paved courtyards in levels, splendid murals, temple and icons from the 17th century and its belfry which is wooden from the medium and above. They say that its bell was manufactured in Ioannina in 1870. A big festival organized every year
    Monastery of St. Nicholas in Metsovo
    This monastery is built low towards the river in the middle of the route Metsovo- Anilio. It is not known precisely when it was built, in any case in 1700 the temple was renovated and the despotic icons that were found in its interior belong to the 17th and 18th century. The temple is vaulted and includes very beautiful murals of the painter Efstathios. This monastery, which must have been very rich
    Μuseum of Folkloric Art in Metsovo
    The museum of Folkloric art is in the city of Metsovo and it is accommodated in the renovated Mansion Tositsa. It is an exemplar of organization and operation of an old Mansion of Metsovo and contains a particularly big number of old objects of enormous value. The visit is accompanied with conducted tours every half hour.
    Evangelos Averof Gallery in Metsovo
    The Picture Gallery of Evagelos Averof it is situated in the city of Metsovo and it was built in 1985. It contains an enormous collection of Greek painters of the 19th and 20th century as well as a special collection of sculptures and carvings including 250 works of Litras, Gyzis, Volanakis and other great artists.You will fill very proud about the culture of Greece when you enter in the Picture Gallery
    Μuseum of Hydrokinesis in Metsovo
    It is situated in the village Anthochori, very close to Metsovo. It is an open-air museum with old rebuilt watermills and other relevant buildings. It is particularly well looked after, framed by very beautiful picturesque alleys and small bridges. After your walk, you can have your coffee in the refreshment stand that you will find there.
    Children's Library of Metsovo
    This library that functions as lending is situated in the city of Metsovo and it exists from 1992. It belongs to the Institution of Baron Micheal Tositsas and it contains more than 4.700 titles of children's and adolescent books. The variety in types is enormous, therefore there are a lot of choices. You will find from fairy tales and books of art and zoology until historical, literary and a lot of
    River Metsovitikos
    River Metsovitikos springs in the regions of Katara and Anilio. It is a Tributary of Arachthos, with which it is linked in the height of Baldouma. In its course it meets the waters of the lake of Aoos' springs in the height of Hrysovitsa, through the operation of a hydroelectric power station. The landscape you will see is particularly imposing as it is surrounded by tall mountains and dense forests,
    Averofios Garden Metsovo
    It is a beautiful park of 10 acres full of trees and plants that constitute the entire flora of Pindos.In other words, what you will see is an exceptional micrography of Pindos, made with taste and a lot of effort.You will meet pines, firs, beeches and everything else that exists in the wider region. Apart from the incomparable natural wealth that you will admire without doubt, the park also includes
    Lake of Aoos Metsovo
    The artificial lake of Aoos' springs is 8,5 square km and it is situated in altitude of 1.300 metres. It was manufactured in 1987 in the plateau Politsies aiming at the production of electric energy. However, it later became a particularly important biotope for the region. The waters of the lake, where limited amateur fishery is exercised, have been enriched with fish and are channelled in river Metsovitikos


    Vitsa Ioannina
    Vitsa is a traditional village in the centre of Zagori, close to Ioannina just 39 Klm.The houses and the churches , which are built according to the traditional architecture of the area are connected by uphill cobbled paths.
    Kipi or Kipoi Ioannina
    Village Kipi or Mbagia in Zagori / Zagorochoria is abstains just 38 km from Ioannina city."Mpagia" is a Slavic word and means "bath". The village was called like that due to the impressive nature and the natural "pools" featured by the rivers around it.Mpagia or Kipi is the only village that is built amphitheatrically in a slope.So the travaller can admire all the region just with a glance.
    Monodendri is one of the most beautiful villages of Zagori, built 1060 metres above the sea level, 39 km from Ioannina.It was named after a very big fir-tree which was situated there until 1840.Until 1753 it was a settlement which consisted of three quarters (Vitsa, Ano Mahalas, Agios Georgios).Nowadays, Monodendri is an attraction pole for all the visitors from Greece or abroad the whole year round.
    Papigo is one of the 46 villages of the residential, cultural and historical unity of Zagoria.The particular layout, lush vegetation of the region and the unique wilderness of the landscape attract many visitors from Greece and abroad, all year round. Divided into two "neighborhoods", the Big and Small, which is built at the foot of Astraka beneath imposing towers and fabulous Drakolimni, Papigo has
    Dikorfo Ioannina
    Dikorfo or Dikorifo (older name: Tzontila) is one of the most picturesque villages of central Zagori in the prefecture of Ioannina. It is built on the north side of Mount Mitsikeli in a lush forest of beech, fir, oak and hazel.The mansions and murals, stone paths, traditional fountains with tap water, combined with the wild vegetation, is a typical example of Zagori village, well worth the visit of
    Aspraggeloi is a totally green village and belongs to Zagorochoria.It is located 25 klm far from the city of Ioannina and offers hotels and guesthouses for all preferences.
    Ano Pedina
    Ano Pedina (Over Soudena) is one of the oldest Zagorohoria hotels. It is located 35 kilometers north of Ioannina City and at an altitude of 900 meters. The name probably Soudena is Slavic and means "cool place", possibly because the cold airstreams coming from the five hills' slope to the village Ano Pedina that is allocated among the hills.The first historical reference to the village is the Chrysovolo
    Kapesovo is a village in Zagoria, belongs to the Municipality Timfi. It is 43 kilometers from Ioannina.The village is a short distance from the Vikos Gorge, where some parts of the village, the view is panoramic. Noteworthy is the stone path that connects Kapesovo with neighboring Vradeto (ladder Vradetos).
    Tsepelovo Ioannina
    Tsepelovo is the biggest of Zagorochoria villages. It is located 36 klm from Ioannina city.It is build on an altitude 1140 meters.Tsepelovo is a traditional village, known since the 16th century.In 1868 it was the capital of the Turkish authorities Zagoriou. The village is immersed in the mountain surrounded by forest.
    Domestic Bridge Tournament in Zagoria

    AMI organizes Domestic Tournament Bridge in Zagoria and Open Pairs 1-6

    TSEPELOVO, 27 to 29 November

    • Friday 27/11: 21.00
    • Saturday 28/11: 19.00
    • Sunday 29/11: 11.00

    Race Directors: Nicolas Papachatzis George Mestheneas

    PARTICIPATION FEES: 35 €, young conscripts and 17,5 €

    The matches will be held in the rooms of Hotel Arches, til.2653 081 008

    General information: Basil Donos 6945 597451
    Entries: Takis Gkougiannos 6944 611618